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I am a west coast girl born and raised on the prairie. I am also a long-time educator with my Masters in Education, a theatre and improv artist, storyteller, & transformational life coach.  

I believe we are all creators...creators of our lives, work, & education - which is one of the many reasons I love coaching.


 I am all about encouraging one another to live a life of mindfulness, healthy habits, and using intentions to meet our goals and create a life we love. Together we can do great things - and find inner joy while we do it.


I also love all things delicious, peonies, traveling, new experiences, cats, late mornings, a good mystery, dear friends and family, and coffee...so much coffee!

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My mother told me that I was born to be a teacher and she was right.   I love learning, sharing knowledge, and helping people grow.  I have been a teacher for 15 years and I have my Master's in Education.  As a teacher, I have come to learn that most often, when my students fail to make progress in their goals, it is often because of the following reasons:

1) A limiting mindset

2) A lack of successful habits

3) Fear that they don't deserve to do well 

When I identified that mindset and habits were the main reasons my students were not reaching their goals, I knew I needed to learn more about how to support my students in these areas and help them gain the skills needed to be independent, life-long learners. 

ICF Certified Life & Health Coach

So, I went back to school at the Health Coach Institute and earned a certification in Habit and Mindset Coaching in the hopes that I could share some of what I had learned with my students and help them overcome their limiting beliefs in themselves and instill habits that would help them move forward.

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In 2020, as a response to the pandemic, I founded the Education Coaching Collective, an online resource where students and families connect with a Certified Teacher, Success Habits Coach who helps 6th-12th grade students, parents, and college freshmen.

The education coaching 


Applied Improv Workshop& Retreat Leader


I am a theatre maker & 


Creativity is what makes my soul sing and brings me great delight.


I love leading small group classes in storytelling and improv.  I believe that by digging deep into stories and playing with a light spirit, we are better able to see ourselves and the world around us which gives us the knowledge that we need to become more confident in ourselves, share our gifts and talents with others freely, and help make the world a kinder and more beautiful place.  

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As a teacher, personal coach, and applied improv workshop leader, it is my desire to help you create connections in your life that move your soul and provide you great delight - and that ultimately, will lead you to a most beautiful and purposeful life.


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