I help close the confidence gap that women professionals and entrepreneurs face when promoting themselves by providing a powerful Personal Brand Story Roadmap, group and individual coaching, and the support of a trailblazing community of women entrepreneurs.

Kindred Community

Create-your-own-adventure for second career 40+ women who are building a business that will provide them income, impact, and improve quality of life

The Work

I help women solopreneurs who lack the confidence to promote themselves and who are overwhelmed and confused about how to get their business noticed online and off learn how to develop a stand out personal brand story so they found by their kindred community, grow their business, and live life to the fullest.


We're a women-owned, socially conscious company.  We educate and support women to be self-reliant, confident, and builders of community.  Our vision is a

world where every individual has economic and emotional freedom to prosper and grow.

Meet Erica

I am  the only personal brand story guide who specializes in developing original personal brand stories for create-your-own-adventure women solopreneurs who prefer to be noticed in their business by authentically and courageously communicating their unique brand essence in a landscape where unoriginal and impersonal voices dominate the market.

A few things about me:

I don’t even like social media.  But Personal Brand Storytelling fuels my campfire.

The only thing I love more than wide open spaces is Personal Brand Storytelling.

Professional wanderer by nature.  Personal Brand Story Guide by choice.

Personal Brand Storytelling is my courage key.  (get unstuck key)

You don’t need me to tell you what trail you want to take.  You already know. - But I’m here to help you get started on the trip.


ICF Certified Life & Health Coach

So, I went back to school at the Health Coach Institute and earned a certification in Habit and Mindset Coaching in the hopes that I could share some of what I had learned with my students and help them overcome their limiting beliefs in themselves and instill habits that would help them move forward.

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My Walking Stick

  • Curiosity 

  • Courage

  • Persistence

Less freeway and chain restaurants.  More mom and pop creative shops.

I believe radical creativity is self-expression unleashed and self-expression unleashed is what makes this world interesting, connects us to that which is greater, the key to masterful innovation, allows us to tap into our highest potential, and create radical change in the world.

Learn to embrace your desire for more.

I believe that choosing to not let fear hold you back is life expands and reveals what is worth fighting for so you can stand up, stand out, and go do some seriously fun stuff all while making a difference in the world.

Love traveling the road of your unique personal landscape.

I believe that our differences inspire creation, facilitate belonging, affirm worth in every individual, make an otherwise copycat world interesting and connect us to our most kindred community.  


Say yes to your own solo adventure.

I believe that your story is where your unique essence lies and it is what will inspire your community to hop on your transformation train and ride with you on every adventure.

Settling for less than you are worth is a dead end trail.

I believe that you are worth whatever you believe that you are worth and that settling for less keeps you insecure, fearful and dependent and only affirms our greatest insecurities, not our invaluable contributions.


Make courage your walking stick. (Make friends with your courage)

I believe that courage is a mindset and is facilitated by a clear understanding of one’s values, priorities, beliefs, and a mission in life and that small, individual acts of courage inspire greater acts of courage which is a requirement for expansion.  You can’t win big if you don’t bet big.


It’s ok to love everything about you and your own adventure.

I believe that God gave us gifts, talents, experiences, and passions so that we could share them with and help others to create belonging and encourage others to shine bright - AND if we don’t radiate, we implode.  Pick your poison.


There is no downside to taking the road of authenticity

I believe that when you keep your promises, you create confidence in yourself and from others, build relationships,  generate respect, instill greater peace within yourself, and become a leader who inspires others.


A fixed mindset is a your rattlesnake. 

A fixed mindset may keep you safe on 1-90 but definitely keeps you from exploring the beautiful backroads with hidden gems just waiting to be found.


Boldly choose your passionate adventure over a tedious ride in the backseat.

I believe passion is love on fire and being on fire is hot and hot is sexy.  Indifference bores me.



My mother told me that I was born to be a teacher and she was right.   I love learning, sharing knowledge, and helping people grow.  I have been a teacher for 15 years and I have my Master's in Education.  As a teacher, I have come to learn that most often, when my students fail to make progress in their goals, it is often because of the following reasons:

1) A limiting mindset

2) A lack of successful habits

3) Fear that they don't deserve to do well 

When I identified that mindset and habits were the main reasons my students were not reaching their goals, I knew I needed to learn more about how to support my students in these areas and help them gain the skills needed to be independent, life-long learners. 


In 2020, as a response to the pandemic, I founded the Education Coaching Collective, an online resource where students and families connect with a Certified Teacher, Success Habits Coach who helps 6th-12th grade students, parents, and college freshmen.

The education coaching 


Applied Improv Workshop& Retreat Leader


I am a theatre maker & 


Creativity is what makes my soul sing and brings me great delight.


I love leading small group classes in storytelling and improv.  I believe that by digging deep into stories and playing with a light spirit, we are better able to see ourselves and the world around us which gives us the knowledge that we need to become more confident in ourselves, share our gifts and talents with others freely, and help make the world a kinder and more beautiful place.  

What I Believe

I have been a hard worker my entire life.  I’ve also played by the rules (except for a time period when I outlandishly broke them - and suffered great guilt and shame as a result).  I got the regular job.  I got married.  I got the house.  I found a creative outlet.  I moved up the ranks in each of my career roles as a teacher and an actor.  However, in each sector I hit a ceiling and then an existential crisis with the looming statement and question: I am almost 40 and I want to retire in style.  Is what I am doing right now (working over 60 hours a week, nights and weekends, for three different (and lovely organizations) going to get me there AND get me there in a way where I am feeling like I am being seen and recognized for my talents, smarts, and passion, enjoying the work, AND utilzing the best of me...and then the most important question as I considered retirement...and will they all pay me what I need and what I believe I am worth.

As I considered this nightmare evoking question while the clock of my final departure ticked away, I realized a few things

  • I couldn’t go any further without more training and time commitment.   

  • My life needs had changed from when I was 20 and as a result my desires were changing.

  • I felt confined by working for other people and serving their vision.  I felt I had more to offer but no avenue in which to share on larger scale.

  • What I was doing wasn’t going to get me to that retirement beach home.

  • I felt creatively and financially stymied and at the whims of salary scales and creative arts paychecks.

  • My voice wanted to rise up and I wanted to connect with more people through my experience, strength, and hope doing what I loved to do.

  • I was constantly overwhelmed by saying yes to people out of fear that I might miss out on opportunities and also miss out on the BIG ONE...the thing that was going to change my life.

  • My health was suffering because I was working long hours, my soul was suffering because I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do, my mind was suffering because it wasn’t being challenged anymore and my bank account was definitely suffering.

  • I wanted to do something different.

And despite being married and having a partner to help pay the bills, I wanted financial independence something I had never had before.  I believed it would change my life so that I didn’t feel I needed to be more agreeable than I might otherwise be so I could keep the peace and not miss out on the finacial support, opportunities, or social connections that I believed I might lose if I were myself, doing what I wanted to do, and asking for what I needed.

I also had this desire to give back bigger.  To be more generous. 


In talking with many of my friends and clients in their late 30s, 40s, and 50s this theme of financial insecurity, fear of never feeling like they were doing what they liked and what they were good at combined, and time and creative autonomy was ever present.

So, I decided to take the plunge (with a little help from a universal push when I had leave my main job

I lived a life of compromises:

  • I compromised financial and personal fulfillment for something that was easy, good enough, and relatively secure.

  • I compromised my voice and integrity by saying yes to others when I wanted to say no.

  • I compromised my talents and their impact by doing things that were below my skill level and never reaching higher.

  • I compromised my body by working hard for other people, unrealistic expectations, and a constant falling down the rabbit hole of fear and longing.

  • I compromised my desires to appear normal and not stand out in society, my family, and friend group.


I didn’t want to live any longer and certainly not die without trying to go full throttle and honor my desires, that quiet voice calling me to do something different, and my curiosity of what might be possible for me if I took a risk.

We as women have compromised long enough.  If you want it, let’s go get it together.


My Story

I wasn’t raised up in branding or business.  In fact, when I was a young and idealistic (and probably insufferable) drama student earning my BA in theatre and communications and 100% bought into the idea that the arts was the only way to connect to the heart of humanity, right the sins of the world, and inspire people to live better, I thought that that all my friends earning their business degrees were capitalistic, soul-sellers, destined for a mundane and boring life of 7am networking events, the daily grind of the 9-5, and insufferable dinner parties with people who were equally insufferable.  (I know.  I was a real asshat.)


So, there was me in 1998.  Me in 2021 now understands that there are multiple ways to create good in the world and help facilitate impact that makes the lives and communities around us better, easier, and more abundant.  I also understand that at the core of entrepreneurship is a desire to solve problems, create solutions, connect with people, and better our communities.  Yes.  Making money is a necessary part of creating a business of you want to continue doing what you are doing but making money is ALSO a necessary part of making art if you want to continue what you are doing in a way that is sustainable for you.


So, what changed?  Short story.  My dreams of earning a living as an actor and eventually receiving a Tony for my breathtaking performance on Broadway never panned out.  One that reason it didn’t pan out?  I was too scared to try for it because I didn’t believe in my value or worth.  Achieving dreams, I believed, was for other people.  Not me.  It is possible that it never would have even if I had tried but I guess we’ll never know, will we?  And I’m okay living in the mystery.  Another reason that it didn’t pan out was that I let myself go with the flow rather than creating the path and as a result, while I went on a lot of cool adventures, I also had a lot of the struggles that come from being a wayward wanderer: no distinct purpose, easily swayed, late nights and late mornings.


The slightly longer story is that at the age of 40, I found myself in career that found me versus the other way around and I didn’t love what I was doing.  The pay was meh.  The work was hard.  There were moments where it was rewarding but there were more moments where it was just plain rough.  I was acting at nights and on the weekends and while I loved my community and the work, I wasn’t making any money.  I was living in the belief that as an artist, it was necessary to sacrifice my financial health for my art.  I also was going to school to earn a coaching certification in habit change and transformation, another certification in using applied improv to increase innovation and teamwork.  I started two businesses that I let flounder.  I was leading workshops, leading improv classes, teaching script analysis classes. Basically, I was all over the place looking for my place in the world.


I also had this nagging feeling that while I was learning so much, doing good work, growing my skills, and connecting with community, there was something else for me to do.  And then I realized what it was.  For the last 20 years, I had been supporting the dreams and visions of other people but I had put my own dreams and visions on the backburning.  My own voice was yearning to not just be part of the conversation but to move the conversation along.  I was tired of having to run my ideas up the chain of command only to have them shot down. What I wanted was my own company where I could create my vision of success based on my own values, interests, and abilities and create a kindred community of people who were doing the same - all while helping to connect to the heart of humanity, right the sins of the world, and inspire people to live into their best selves.


And in this process of deep thinking, sleepless nights, trying to find my place in the world of entrepreneurship, I stumbled on the tool of Personal Branding and it changed my life.  My purpose in my business and life became clear; my confidence in my expertise and value increased; and all of the sudden, I was ready to go.  It helped me lean into my strengths and my passions rather than focusing on my weaknesses or perceived lack.  I no longer felt like an imposter in my work, I wasn’t afraid to share my services with others, and I was totally excited to begin moving the conversation along by utilizing social media and digital communications while staying true to my creative, performer, educator, wanderer self.  Branding my story provided me clarity and confidence in my expertise, uncovered my credibility, distilled the overwhelm of trying to do it all into clear business and life values, helped me uncover my voice of authority and get clear on the messages I believed in and wanted to communicate - the message I knew could change lives.  It helped me take charge of the direction of my business and the perception of my business in the world.   It revealed my brand personality which made sharing my business fun, and helped me launch my YouTube Channel and create an email newsletter to help educate, support, and inspire my kindred community.  My work creating my Personal Brand makes my work feel less like work and more like an adventure that allows me to also create a lifestyle that supports me, provides work life balance, and the financial means to make it all happen.

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Field Guide for Solopreneurs

Hi, I’m Erica, Personal Brand Story Guide for Create-Your-Own Adventure women solopreneurs who prefer to authentically be seen, heard, and noticed for their industry expertise and valuable business offerings - and who also want to enjoy the sights while they run their own business expeditions, grow their personal brand image, and travel with their kindred community.

Welcome to the enchanting trail of authentic story branding , create-your-own-adventure entrepreneurship, and getting noticed in your business! #cyoadventure.

Each week I'll be sharing personal branding travel tips, confidence strategies, and inspirational (possibly entertaining) stories from the entrepreneurial road.

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Welcome to the enchanting trail of authentic story branding , create-your-own-adventure entrepreneurship, and getting noticed in your business! #cyoadventure.

Each week I'll be sharing personal branding travel tips, confidence strategies, and inspirational (possibly entertaining) stories from the entrepreneurial road.


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