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Erica Towe has been a teaching artist, workshop leader, keynote speaker, and educator at:


Erica Towe here - theatre artist, educator, applied improv trainer, & creative explorer.

I love connecting with others by making theatre that inspires, challenges, and helps us all connect on a deeper level.

I also am passionate about helping theatre makes develop their skills, increase their creative confidence, and find the clarity they need in order to make the theatre they want to make, where it matters most to them.

To live a life of greathearted creative risk, while working in collaboration with each other to create theatre that tells stories designed to bring us together, make us think/talk/act, and shed light on what is most beautiful, heartbreaking and everything in between - as we navigate being human in a imperfectly gorgeous world

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Meet Erica


Performer, storyteller, and theatre maker for over 25 years.  BA in Speech Communication and Theatre.  Current producer of the NW10-Minute Play Festival and Artistic Company member with Theatre 33


Certified Applied Improvisation for Life™ trainer and workshop leader - Education, business leadership, innovation, team building, and personal development:

Keynote speaker.  This is me at the Women Leading Montana Annual Convening and events host for everything from theatre talkbacks to murder mystery parties.

Theatre Faculty Lane Community College with 15 years experience in education and a Masters of Education.  I have worked with over 1000 students ages 2-72 in public education, internationally, community college, and community classes as well as in my own personal classes and workshops.


-Katie Goodman; award-winning comedian, author, speaker, and founder of the“Improvisation for Life” Certification Program

"Erica Towe is one of the most generous coaches and bright beams of sunshine I have ever worked with. Her understanding of the creative process, her deep commitment to helping people, and her organized and on-top-of-it-all nature make her a delight to work with."

This woman is RADIANT!

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