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Next 8-week expedition begins October 21 - December 16, 9am-10:30am PST
(No class November 25)
Where: Travel from the comfort of your own home


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Want to learn how to create a personal brand story that will grow your kindred community, generate more confidence to share your message of love, and help you gain clarity on the direction and growth of your business? 

I'm here to help! 

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The success (and joy) of your
entrepreneurial adventure

on the confidence you have in your

personal brand story 

What does a confident personal brand look like?

 In short, one intriguing explorer. 


Like a diamond you can’t stop staring at.  Like a lady tiger protecting her young.  Like the mystery of the Holy Grail.

It’s the look of walking into the room with an aurora of mystery, confidence, and authority, fresh from your last safari, and the courage to show up just being you - mud stains and all.

Brand Your Story will turn you into a radiant siren song that perks up the ears of your kindreds, grabs onto their hearts, and calls them to join you on your next business offering or service adventure.


Reason you got up this morning:  You have a mountain to climb and a world to change.

Image by Alice Donovan Rouse

What is the
Brand Your Story
8-Week Expedition?

Transforming the direction of your personal brand confidence and clarity so you can be seen, heard, and noticed.

Brand Your Story is an 8-week virtual expedition designed to help you:

  • Stop letting fear and uncertainty keep you from promoting what you got

  • Identify your unique diamond brand story, essence, and persona

  • Go from being a hidden gem in your niche to being noticed by your kindred community

  • Become a leader in your industry by creating your own field notes and insight guide 
  • Quit waffling in making a commitment to a direction, starting your business, or going after what you want

And instead get yourself up on the platform you've been saying you are going to use and into the rooms you want to go and start connecting with your kindreds as the leader you know you are.

Who is this expedition for?

professional women

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How we do it

Your Personal Brand Story is the key to confidence freedom

Develop such thrilling adventure of a personal brand story that your kindreds can't help but run to the bus stop to join you in your endeavors while telling all their friends about the wild ride.

  • Weekly virtual live coaching group sessions

  • My Personal Brand Story 4-part Roadmap to help you get seen, heard, and noticed 

  • Weekly exercises to help you strengthen your personal and brand confidence

  • A simple framework to design your brand story

  • Identify and make a plan to be a thought leader in your community

  • Get noticed by choosing one online platform and following my personal brand story plan