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Ready to attract more of what you want with the story you radiate?

Get the #aligndesignradiate Tool Kit and get the tools I used to align my personal and business goals, design my signature story, and radiate my message in order to create the career and life of my dreams.


Past Clients



...waking up one sunny morning to a notification from a new client reaching out to work with you.  You don't know her but she says that she heard from a friend that you and what you offer are life changing and she wants to work with you.  And do you have time to chat today?  She's ready to start now.

That's the magic of your aligned, designed,
and radiant business story.

  • Business direction unclear?
    I've been there. 


  • Lacking clarity to share your business, coaching, or industry offering confidently?
    I've been there. 


  • Overworked, underpaid, and still not reaching your highest potential?
    I've absolutely been there.


How I Can Help.

I started my first solopreneur business in 2018.  After a series of business idea starts but few finishes, I learned to capture the light of my radiant story to create ONE business where I can use all of my skills, passions, and experiences while working with incredible women who are kicking ass and making the world around them better place.

Today, I know what it takes to align, design, and radiate your transformational message to attract amazing partners and clients.


 I'd love for you to join us on this beautiful road to radiant attraction!

Ready to Radiate?

Have you been “afraid” or “not sure how” to share your  business offering for far too long?  You know, the offering that you KNOW can transform lives for the better but that you aren't telling anyone about?


I’ve been there. And I have to tell you…once I understood this ONE thing, everything changed. Are you curious yet? Here it is...

The success of your business depends on the confidence YOU have in your story.  

That’s how I went from being unclear about my business direction and working three jobs because I couldn't decide on one to creating ONE business that I LOVE and am EXCITED to show up for everyday and so on…

Learn more about my #RadiantAttractor course below.


I’ll walk you through how to align your personal and business goals and get crystal clear on what makes you unique so you can create the crucial foundation needed for long-term success.


Learn how to use your personal story to craft 6 impactful business stories to confidently share who you are, what you do, and how who and what you do transforms lives.


 Learn how to share your business offerings confidently and with integrity so that you can radiate your message and attract amazing partners and clients into your orbit.


Brian Haimbach, Teacher, Writer, Performer

This course provided excellent basics on story structure with lots of hands-on exercises. The opportunity to present stories in VERY stress-free environments helps all storytellers grow.


Kim Kelly, Oregon Insurance Lady, LLC

I was blown away by Erica’s ability as the instructor to quickly assess truth from bravado in order to cause us to get to the core of the story.

Kathryn Dahill.jpeg

Katie Dahill, Stay-At-Home-Mom

Erica took my stories and helped me turn them into something I felt proud to show to others. I am so grateful for her knowledge and her willingness to help me navigate story telling so I was able to grow. 


Jane Irola, Storyteller in the Making

The course helped me reach out and connect with people on a deeper level, learn how to share my stories in order to help my audience, and hone and polish my story.

Meet Your Radiant Attractor Coach

Hello! I’m Erica Towe, and I founded the Education Coaching Collective to help individuals reach their highest potential by generating confidence, gaining clarity, and owning their story.


I’m the creator of #radiantattraction, an 8-week online intensive that helps women entrepreneurs align, design, and radiate their unique authentic business stories so they can attract their ideal partners and clients and create the business of their dreams.


I’ve been telling stories as a theatre maker for 25 years and teaching writing, improv, and career development for the last 10. I've helped hundreds of individuals write and tell their own unique stories and reach their personal and business #goals.




Performer for over 25 years working in over 50 professional and community theaters.  BA in Speech Communication and Theatre


Keynote speaker for the Women Leading Montana Annual Convening and events host for everything from theatre talkbacks to murder mystery parties.


Certified Transformational Coach through the Health Coach Institute since 2018.


Certified Applied Improvisation for Life™ trainer and workshop leader - Education, business leadership, innovation, team building, and personal development:


Educator for 15 years with a Masters in Education.  Teacher of writing and literature analysis, improv, script analysis, and career and college development.

As an educator, performer, entrepreneur, and transformation coach, I’ve helped over 1000 students - ages 2-72 gain writing, performance, & confidence skills; presented and performed in auditoriums across the country; pursued my dream of starting my own business; and led coaching sessions & workshops helping individuals reach their highest potential.  HOW?

Your success depends on the story

YOU tell yourself about the
value you offer.

Your story is the beacon of light that attracts people who need you now, and I'm here to help you align, design, and radiate the value you offer into a foundational business story so you can confidently transmit your message to all in the star system.

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Want my help to align, design, and radiate your business messaging, creative pursuit, or life transition?


"Erica helped me transform my habits & mindset.  Together, we were able to uncover patterns that had been undermining my attempts to stick to achieve my goals."

Mary Garretson, Small Business Owner

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Ready to attract more of what you want with the story you radiate?

Get the #aligndesignradiate Tool Kit and get the tools I used to align my personal and business goals, design my signature story, and radiate my message in order to create the career and life of my dreams.