Hello and Happy Christmas Day!


It was amazing to see you all yesterday on Zoom and we hope that today will be a wonderful day for you as well.   Because this is an unprecedented holiday, we felt it calls for a different kind of gift - one that provides an opportunity to connect and make memories with either your immediate family or with the whole Towe Family.  For Christmas this year, everyone has received an Italian Dinner Kit and Italian Adventure Guide (see attached Italian Dinner Kit Guide) or click on this link: Italian Dinner Kit Guide.


While gifts are addressed to specific individuals, we do hope that you will share them with each other in order to create something delicious while sharing together a fun evening in...Italy!!!  


Step 1: Open All the presents.

Step 2: Read through the Italian Feast Menu, Recipes, and At-Home Italian Itinerary.

Step 3: Decide how you want to do your Italian Dinner!  You can join Chad and Erica for an Italian Dinner on Zoom or find a time to do dinner on your own!


Bonus Step:  If you are able to join us on Zoom on January 2, Chad will be creating an Italian Kahoots game based on the At-Home Travel Itinerary.  Winner receives an Italian Bonus Surprise!  To prep for the Kahoots game, go through the At-Home Italian Itinerary and travel the sites of Italy, visit the Italian Art Museum, and learn a few key Italian phrases!


Buone vacanze!


Chad and Erica

Click Below for Downloadable Italian Adventure Guide