The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen is the sweetest little hen on the farm and despite the haters, she kept an open and curious mind about what was right in front of her.  She also cultivated her gift with persistence and effort and as a result she reaped the rewards. 

The question is: How can we be more like the Little Red Hen?  How can we be open to the gifts in our lives (whether we like the packaging or not) AND once we decide to receive the gift, how do we show up for it so we can reap the result? 

Fun Little Red Hen Inspired Activities for All Ages!

Nourish Yourself

  • No Knead Overnight Bread Recipe

  • Fun Bread Baking Video for Kids!

 Creative Mindset

Goal Mindset Exercise!  

If you need a little jump start toward tending your goal, use this is a starter guide!



  • Support farmers at your local farmer's market.

  • If you are in the Lane County, OR area, check out this great listing from Willamette Food and Farm Coalition.