Distance Learning Strategy Sessions

For Parents

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What do you receive

in the Family Program Strategy Sessions?

Our Family Program Strategy Sessions Include a 60-Minute Initial Strategy Session with a 45-Minute Follow-Up Session with lots of support in between!


We offer a fun and welcoming approach that will allow us, together, to create easy-to-incorporate strategies to help you best support your students' academic needs so they can find academic success - based on where they are at right now! 


We also help you, as the parent, to add a few more tools to your toolbox so you can be the best at-home learning coach you can be - and also find some at-home manageability while you ease some of that overwhelm and stress!


In addition to the 60-Minute Strategy Session and 45-minute follow-up support session, you receive email support between sessions and learning coach resources sent directly to your inbox!

Included in the Family Success Strategy Sessions

(2 Sessions): 

  • One Initial 60-Minute Strategy Session with a One-One Video Chat (or phone call) Coaching Sessions with Erica Towe or Debi Starr.  

    • Together, we will set manageable long term and weekly goals. We will check in to see what is going well, what obstacles, challenges, & patterns are coming up for you as you work toward your goals. 

    • We will also create manageable action steps for the week, quarter, and year ahead that you can incorporate immediately.  


  • In the Second 45-minute follow-up session, we will identify what is working in your initial action plan and work together to find solutions to challenges that arise!

  • Email Support Between Sessions. If you are struggling with anything related to your Distance Learning goals, you have access to support via email between sessions on business days. Expect a personal response from us within 24 hours or on the next business day. 

  • Customized Done-For-You Materials Such as Checklists, Organization Resources, Distance Learning Tips, and Motivational Videos!

  • The Support of an Experienced Coach & Educator to help you develop a plan, implement that plan, and cheer you on!


Program Pricing:  $185.00 for both sessions with the option to add-on 60-Day Coaching Program for Parents/Family or 4-Week Success Habits Coaching for Students.

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The Parent & Student Strategy Sessions Help you and your child...

  • Create routines and systems that make home life easier,

  • Motive unmotivated learners,

  • Incorporate Time Management Strategies,

  • Instill healthy learning habits in your child(ren),

  • Generate more space for you to do what you love -  be with and enjoy each other as a family,

  • Take care of yourself while you take care of everyone else.

Ready for some support?  We are here to help because we believe in you and your child’s ability to achieve success!  

Our commitment to you includes:

• Sharing resources and knowledge with you so you can move forward more so than if you were to do it alone 

• Holding you accountable to act from your vision of success, even when you may not feel that way 

• Being kind and patient with your progress so that you know you always have a safe place to express where you are 

• Sharing creative action steps, ideas and inspiration 

• Coaching you to find solutions to challenges that may come up 

• Caring about you and your success

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What if my child isn't willing to come to a session?

That is okay!  You come anyway.  We will do everything that we would do in a family session with you and your child, but instead, we will do it with you!  We will strategize what isn't working at home in distance learning and we will make a plan that you can implement straight away so you can feel more confident in your abilities as a learning coach and that confidence and the action plan we develop, will benefit your child as well!

They are also welcome to come for the first half of the session and then leave after the first half an hour!  We are flexible and the session will still be valuable for you which will be valuable for your child!

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