Improv the Holidays

Ease Holiday Anxiety in this experiential workshop of fun, games, & mindfulness tricks based on the

magical tenents of improvisational comedy!


Christmas Bulldogs


oh, boy...

The holidays are filled with opportunities to spend time with loved ones, delicious food, and holiday lights, but they can also be stressful, overwhelming, and remind us of the loved ones that we are not able to see - especially now in the midst of recommendations to keep the holidays simple due to the coronavirus. 

However, just because the holidays this year won't look like they have in the past, it doesn't mean that we can't make new memories this year, find new ways of connecting, and create some holiday cheer (and warmth) in the midst of winter.

Bring on the holiday improv!

Snow Tubing

Yes! This sounds like so what I need! 

And...what will we do?

Great question!  We will play games, laugh, and dig deep. The beauty of improv magic is that it reveals what needs to be revealed!  It's like a present just waiting for you to open!

Peace. Love. Joy. 

These are gifts you can cultivate within yourself. 


In addition to receiving your improv magic gift, in Improv the Holidays, we will learn to:

  • Be present in this moment (not the one you wish it was)

  • Surrender Attachment

  • Listen Deeply

  • Be open to the gifts that are being offered

  • Be flexible and adapt to change

  • Shine our own lights bright so others can see

  • Say "Yes, and..." to right now - because right now, is all we got.

Image by Valentin Petkov

Not an improv person?







That's cool.  You don't have to be!


Neither was I, until....

I found the magic of the mindfulness in improv.

Christmas Lights

If you are worried this holiday season about:

  • feeling bummed out because you can't gather with family

  • anxious about having to gather with family

  • overwhelmed at getting it all together, or

  • sad that it just isn't going to be the same this year.

The magic of improv is here to help!

"Improv is great for tackling these issues because it allows people to be fully in the moment and go with the flow. After all, every day we use improvisation in our conversations with others – we don’t rely on a script and we don’t try to be funny."

-Margot Escott

 Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Therapist