Why Improv for Educators?

The skills needed to be successful in the classroom as a teacher or student are the same skills that successful comedy improvisers have been using for years: Listening and Responding, Saying “Yes, And…”, Being Flexible, Teambuilding, and Embracing Creative Risk.


In this fun and experiential applied improv workshop, we will laugh and have fun as we explore how to use the skills of improv comedy in our classrooms to foster a growth mindset and creative thinking in students; create a safe environment that allows students to be okay making mistakes; adapt and be flexible in the midst of ever-changing student needs; and learn a few easy improv games to take back into the classroom to encourage teamwork and creative collaboration among students. 


Come join in the fun!

What to bring and wear?

  • A notebook

  • Water

  • Your Fun Spirit!

  • Wear Comfortable clothes and shoes - we will be moving around!

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