Navigating educational needs in the midst of a global pandemic is stressful and challenging at best, and we are here to help.  Whether you are a student, parent, or educator, we can help you close the learning gap.

We offer:

  • 1-1 on coaching for students Grades 6-12 & College Freshman, Parents, and Educators

  • Emotional Resiliency Support for Families by Certified Teachers & Success Coaches

  • Academic Support

  • High School Group Accountability Programming

  • Motivational & Time-Management Strategies

  • Stress Reduction & Mindfulness Techniques

  • Fun Online Workshops and Videos for Supplemental Learning

  • Educational Resources


Get the extra support you need this school year! 


About ECC

The Education Coaching Collective is a place for families to connect with Certified Teachers, Successful Habits Coaches, and Academic Tutors who support 6th-12th Grade Students, Parents, & College Freshmen to find academic and home life success as they navigate distance learning education.


Erica Towe offers personalized student, parent, and family support through Engaging One-On-One and Group Coaching, designed to help you ease the overwhelm and feel confident in what is happening at home in the midst of Distance Learning.

How We Can Help!

We provide you personalized coaching programs designed to help you create routines, habits, and systems to help you and your family find success academically AND at home during this challenging time in education. ​


Through personalized and fun coaching, we help you...


  • Become an effective Learning Coach for your kids with the resources you need to be successful.

  • Create simple routines and systems the make learning and home life easier.

  • Motivate unmotivated learners.

  • Use Time Management Strategies to ease the overwhelm.

  • Instill Successful Learning Habits in your child(ren).

  • Reduce Stress through stress-management and mindful exercises.

  • Generate more space for you to do what you love.

  • Take care of you while you take care of everyone else.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Erica Towe and learn more about how we can support you!

Coaching for Parents

  • Home Success Strategy Planning

  • Parent Success 60-Day Program

  • Support Coaching for Overwhelmed Parents.

Coaching for


  • 4-Week Success Program

  • Student Success Habits 60-Day Program

  • Support Coaching for Academic and Social-Emotional Needs.


  • Parent-As-Learning Coach Resources

  • Online Learning Skills Student Resources

  • Storytime with Erica

  • Mindfulness with Debi

  • Academic Tutor Referrals