Northwest 10-Minute Play Festival

Hi everyone!

This Thursday night, 5-6pm PST, I will be joining Paul Calandrino and Rachel Carnes at the OCT Digital Happy Hour as we talk about the Northwest 10-Minute Play Festival which is going digital this year. Paul is one of the founding members and both Rachel and Paul are amazing playwrights.

It will be a fun night of conversating about plays, the festival, and probably a bit about plays during the time of COVID and producing Theatre on Zoom! Grab a coffee (or evening beverage) and come join us!

Happy Hour With Lane Arts Council

Lane Arts Council cultivates strong and creative arts communities by providing high-quality arts experiences, engaging people of all ages in arts education, and encouraging artistic endeavors.

1590 Willamette St, Ste 200 Eugene, OR 97401

LiveStream Happy Hour with Erica Towe

Erica Towe is a performer, director, writer, teacher, and coach who works with adolescent to adult audiences. We'll be talking the tenants of improv, the process of writing children's books, and some of her favorite memories on and off the stage. Grab a beer, wine, cocktail, soda or seltzer - and join us!

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