We Walk On: Part 1 - Into the Night

We Walk On... OR

How-To Get Through

Hard Times

By Erica Towe

Our story today is a continuation of last week's story, "We Walk On" or "How-To Get Through the Hard Times: Part 1 - Into the Night."


This week, Emma, Ziggy, and Max continue to learn deep wisdom from very special friends so that they can learn to make it through the hard times.


This is a very special Story Time with Erica because YOU are in it! Three weeks ago, I asked folks to share with me a quarantine photo and I was blown away with the beauty and wisdom within you all.


So, to say thank you, I turned you all into art and wrote a story to share your deep wisdom with everyone else!

Fun "We Walk On" Inspired Activities for All Ages!

Mustard Flowers

Create &


Celebrate Summer and Make a Botanical Sunprint!

Here is a great tutorial from our beloved Martha Stewart. :)

Soul Living

Appreciation Practice

The more we train our brains to see what is good in our lives, the more we see what is good in our life!  Magic!