Spiritual Direction Clarity Catalyst

60-Days to Co-Creating a More Purpose-Filled Life


My Creativity is powerful and valuable.


  When I 

co-create with God, miracles for myself and others abound. 

Dive into a deeper relationship with God as you co-creator to find greater joy, a more vibrant aliveness, and your most fulfilling purpose now.


In this crazy world, there is a plan and purpose for you - as the you that is already a being of light and love.  You are a light of God with gifts, talents, and offerings unique to you.  Often we know that the universe is calling us to step into our true self, we don't always know how to access and connect...and listen...to hear where it is God is calling you to travel next.

If you are looking for a creative way to connect with your version of the God/Universal Love/Allah/Life Force so that you can take that next step with God by your side, let's set up a time to talk.

In this two-month program, we will meet weekly on Zoom for 60-minutes sessions where we will use creativity exercises to develop a deeper co-creation mindset between you and God so that you blossom and thrive - just the way that God intended.