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How to align your unique


into a radiant, authentic brand story that attract fabulous clients and partners.

Brand Your Story

Design your dream business and radiate your message and stop letting the inner critic, a limiting mindset and fear of what people "might say" hold you back.

8 Week Masterclass
October 21 - December 16

9am - 10:30 am PST

(No class November 25)

  • It's time to leverage your skills and experiences.

  • It's time to design your dream business.

  • It's time to love your brand. 

  • It time to be found.

  • It's time to go on a fabulous adventure with your kindred community

People are waiting for what you have. 

It's time to RADIATE the signal.

It is possible!  If I can do it, you can do it.

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I am now...

Utilizing my skills and passions in teaching, coaching, story, theatre & writing, working people who want to make their lives and the world better, helping people to live into their highest potential, getting paid to do what I love, working from home on my own schedule.  - I know.  It is cliche but it is also true.  I had to work to make it happen but it is happening now.

All successful solopreneurs have two things in common: 

1) Clarity on the worth of their product or service and who specifically they serve and 

2) Confidence to promote themselves and their offerings


It takes 7 seconds for a person to identify you as someone for them to note or someone to not note.

Who are you?  What do you believe?  What is your story?  What does it matter?  Who will it affect? What are your values?  How do you want to be seen?

Knowing the essential answer to the above questions is the KEY to not just creating a personal brand that is noticed but is the KEY to your direction, clarity, and confidence.


You now know you are the bees knees and your personal brand values, philosophy, story, and personality are on lock down.  It’s time to develop your voice as a woman who leads. 

Let's create your brand voice of authority and communications road map so you can get that needed voice out there online and/or through personal communications so your kindreds can FIND you.


Are you ready to transform your confidence in sharing your business, personal, or industry story into an authentic radiance that attracts your most fabulous clients, partners, and opportunities?

Learn my process!


In today’s world as a solopreneur, if you aren't using social media and don’t have a clear personal brand, you just aren't quite as visible in the Google search you know your kindreds are going to do when looking for you.

It is time to change that and be noticed for your inherent worth, irresistible value offer, and total brilliance as a human with loads to offer the people you want to serve.  

It is time to lay the foundation of your enticing new personal brand story. Not a techie?  It’s okay!  I’ll walk you through.  And...we will KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Grab your go bag because it is time to be noticed.

Register for the next Brand Your Story Expedition
October 21 - December 16, 9am-10:30am PST

Create your personal brand image, connect with your kindreds on an intimate level, grow your community, and make the world a better place by courageously sharing the amazing work you do.

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