Past Workshops

If you are interested in bringing one of these workshops to your area, please get in tocuh with me and we will make it happen!


Women Business Leadership Workshop

Improvisational skills are essential when running a business, leading a team, and finding success in the workplace. This experiential session will provide an engaging opportunity to practice the skills of improv to develop teams, encourage creativity, communicate effectively, and express yourself with clarity and confidence. Developing improvisational skills, through small and large group activities, we will help you tame your inner critic, assess your strengths, and embrace your fears- which will let your genius shine. Together we will explore improvisational moments and techniques, which will strengthen your businesses and communities. This encouraging and supportive session will leave you energized to develop and transform you and your teams. 

This experiential workshop for women business leaders will provide an engaging and supportive opportunity to practice the skills of improv to develop teams, encourage creativity, communicate effectively, and express yourself with clarity and confidence. 


Workshop November 19 from 6 pm - 7:30 pm at the Willamalane Adult Activity Center, Alder Room.

215 C Street, Springfield, Oregon 97477


Influential Storytelling

  • What: A powerful 8-Week Course that will make you an influential storyteller and public speaker.
  • When: Wednesday, January 29 and ends March 16. 
  • Time: 6:30-8:30
  • Where: The Oregon Contemporary Theatre.
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Powerful Woman

A workshop for women to harness the wisdom of the seasons to feel your most powerful and vibrant.  During this time of transition into fall, we look to align our energy with fall’s natural rhythms in order to grow, emerge, create, and evolve.  Using the skills of improv comedy as tools, we will learn to adapt, flex, listen, and take risks in order to live our most authentic and empowered lives - and play our way through fall!


Powerful Woman Applied Improv Workshop

September 28 from 1 pm -4 pm at

Common Bond Yoga in Springfield, Oregon. 

Followed by a complementary Yin Yoga session from 4:30-5:30.


Teach Your Students to Develop A Growth Mindset

The skills needed to be successful in the classroom as a teacher or student are the same skills that successful comedy improvisers have been using for years: Listening and Responding, Saying “Yes, And…”, Being Flexible, Teambuilding, and Embracing Creative Risk.


In this fun and experiential applied improv workshop, we will laugh and have fun as we explore how to use the skills of improv comedy in our classrooms to foster a growth mindset and creative thinking in students; create a safe environment that allows students to be okay making mistakes; adapt and be flexible in the midst of ever-changing student needs; and learn a few easy improv games to take back into the classroom to encourage teamwork and creative collaboration among students. 


Come join in the fun!