Are you ready to make a bold leap into your life? 

Or just jump BACK into life after too many days waiting for life to happen to you?

While these workshops were designed to be experienced live, I have found that they translate well to Zoom!  If you would like to bring one of these workshops into your company, I would love to join you all in a Virtual Workshop designed for your group!


Need help to achieve your creative and personal goals in life? Join me for one of my creativity or personal growth improv workshops.  In my workshops, I teach how the skills in improv can be used as tools for personal and professional growth, and also how they can take your creative passion or career to the next level!

Get Out of the Mud!

There comes a time in all of our lives where we get stuck on a project, in a job we don't love or in a life that has gotten too routine, or just unable to move forward on that one thing that is calling to our soul.  This is a time for improv!  Through improv games, we explore and discover how to be present, listen to your gut, trust your instincts, take safe risks, shake up the routine, and use play to tap into that which is holding us back and discover what it is we need to move forward.  I'll give away the secret now - you have what you need inside of you right now - you just need some space to play and listen so you can hear it!



This workshop is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is oftentimes one of the keys to a happier, more balanced, and calmer life. In this workshop, we will use the skills of improv as tools for being more present, mindful, flexible, connected, and playful.  By the end of the workshop, you will become well-versed at handling stressful moments whenever and wherever they arise.  Book a session now!

Be Bold Now

In this workshop, we use improv games to tap into our inner wisdom, strength, and authentic selves so that we can reach our highest potential in our personal and professional lives!


This workshop is designed for the artist, actor, musician, creative explorer.  In this workshop we use techniques to help artists get mindful, listen, be flexible, trust their gut, and be present so they can stop the inner-critic and tame the ego and feel empowered to confidently and mindfully share their art/gifts and do the work they know they are meant to do.



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