A 6-Week program that will jumpstart your creative momentum so you can finally begin, continue, and finish your creative project.

Creativity Jumpstart

Erica's fun spirit, compassionate support, and creativity exercises helped me reach finally begin writing again by allowing me to release the hold of my outdated patterns and make empowered choices in how I create my art!

- Darlene M.

Have you lost momentum?  Do you need just a quick burst of clarity and accountability to get yourself back on track?  

If so, this is the program for you!  In six, weekly 60-minute phone sessions, we will identify what is holding you back from moving forward and then develop some quick action steps that fit in your life today and get you moving forward again toward what you are working to create in your life.  We will dive deep but we will have fun while doing it!  And in the process, you will develop a creativity mindset so you can begin creating today rather than tomorrow and create a daily practice that will ensure that you keep creating long after the 6-weeks are over.

Let's schedule a time to chat to see how this series will help you begin taking steps toward making your creative dream a reality.

Ready to take action and get your creativity on?